Exclusief interview met college-voetballer Chance Vang

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College-soccer.nl had een exclusief interview met middenvelder Chance Vang uit Denver, Colorado. Chance heeft onlangs een transfer gemaakt naar de University of Wisconsin. Chance vertelt over het leven als student-athlete, over voetbal in Amerika, en over Nederlandse teamgenoten! Ook interessant: Chance vertelt over de status van vrouwenvoetbal in de USA.

Hi Chance, thanks for taking time to talk to College-soccer.nl! Please tell us something about yourself.

I am Asian American because my parents migrated from the country Laos, to America which this is where I was born. I am 20 years old and grew up in Denver, Colorado, my whole life.

Which High School did you attend?

I attended Westminster High School in Denver, CO.

Which colleges have you studied at, and at which are you studying at the moment?

I just graduated from Northeastern Junior College and am transfering to the University of Wisconsin – Parkside to continue my education and soccer career.

At what age did you start to play soccer? And where have you played until this day?

I have played since the age of 4 till this current day. Soccer has been a huge part of my life!

Could you explain what it takes to be a student-athlete?

Being a student athlete is very fun and an experience I love. Having an opportunity to be a student-athlete, especially at the collegiate level in the US is one of the best experiences anybody could ever have. The two most important things in my opinions are a lot of discipline and a strong mentality to become a successful student athlete. Not only that but to not stress out so much and enjoy it before it’s over.

Could you talk us through a day of a student-athlete?

Every student-athlete’s day will look different from one another. Here’s what mine typically looked like:

8:30 AM – Wake up

9: AM – 11 AM – Two Classes

11 AM – 12 PM – Lunch

12:30 PM – 2 PM – Team Training

3 PM – 4 PM – Class

This could be different for every school, semester, and soccer schedule but this is typically how a day of what my life looked like.

A lot of ambitious Dutch women’s soccer players are registred at College-soccer.nl. Can you tell us about womens’s soccer at the US Colleges?

Women’s soccer is huge in the US. The opportunities for women’s soccer is something everyone should look forward to as it’s something that will keep growing so if you have the chance, I think you should definitely look into it.

How does soccer compare nowadays, to the main American sports like Basketball and American Football in terms of popularity?

Soccer is growing really fast in certain parts of the country. It has become a lot more popular as the years have went by, while American sports are slowly dying. Soccer is the world’s sport and I believe Americans are slowly starting to catch on. But American football and basketball are still too big of sports compared to soccer.

In your two years with the Northeastern Plainsmen (Northeastern Junior College), you played with a lot of international players. Where did they came from, and how did the team get along with so many languages, religions and cultures?

I’ve had teammates from  France, Netherlands, Jamaica, Brazil, Ecuador, England, Germany, Australia, Pakistan, and the United States here at NJC. English is obviously the language required to come to school here so we all mostly spoke English to communicate. Some players were struggling but that’s the beauty of having so many teammates because you all get to learn more together, not only about English and how everything in America works, but you also learn about different cultures and languages from other parts of the world too. I’ve made some of my best friends that come from across the other side of the world

As you said, you have played with numerous Dutch players at Northeastern Junior College. What is the influence of these players at NJC, and in US Soccer in general?

Dutch players that have came to to NJC have made major impacts in their roles on our team. They were a huge factor to our success on the pitch and were also great people off the pitch as well. They bring a new factor and style of play to the US game which adds more diversity overall.

Do you have some good advice for our Dutch players, to adapt as well as possible to College Soccer in the United States?

My biggest advice to Dutch players is that the game of soccer is not only won by skill and possession. A lot of wins and success in the US game is through hard work and grit. There will be a lot more ugly wins than pretty ones. The US game is probably one of the most physical soccer experiences you will have if you don’t give the first hard tackle to set the tone of the game. You must let your presence be known by your physicality.

We saved the hardest question for last: Soccer or American Football?

American football! Just kidding, of course soccer, but you should watch American football because I believe you will enjoy it too!

Chance, thank you very much for your time. And we wish you good luck with the upcoming season!

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