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Johan Cruijff

“Playing soccer is very simple,
but playing simple soccer is the hardest thing there is.”

Dear (Assistant) Soccer Coaches and Athletic Directors, is a new, Dutch, agency that started in 2018. The Netherlands has 17 million inhabitants, 1.2 million people being a KNVB (Royal Dutch Soccer Association) member. We have 3000 local clubs on 16000 square miles. 70.000 teams competing on every level. Men’s soccer is the number one sport by far, women’s soccer is the fastest growing sport. Even amateur clubs have multiple UEFA licenced coaches. The best players are selected by KNVB and professional clubs. They compete on either district-, regional- and national level. It can be your talent pool too. We can help you find the right player, who combines the right skill set, academic level, attitude and motivation to be an excellent student-athlete! Our promise to you:

We are specialized in soccer

We are soccer, and the whole agency will only focus on men and women with the right skill set, mindset and academic levels for your school and program. If you are looking for a fieldhockey player or a volleyball player, we know some good agencies for you, but not ours. Our specialty is, and always will be, soccer. We understand your needs.

We know our players

We understand it is a big risk to get a foreign player, based on a highlight video and a Skype conversation. We have extensive intake procedures and conversations with our candidates. At least one whole game of the player has been visited by us, which gives us extra information on his abilities and motivations. We provide you with the best and most complete advice.

We don’t waste your time

We will not annoy you, or your mailbox with superfluous or unnecessary information. We will only offer you players on your level. If you are a NCAA DI coach, we will offer you NCAA DI caliber players. A database with our available players will be working very soon, so that you are able to select the player that you want. Besides that, you can ask for our free-search program. You tell us what you are looking for, we will provide you with the right candidates.

We reduce your risk

Our goal is to deliver the best we can. Because we understand what risk is taken on by a coach, we provide as much information as we can, to reduce your risk. Based on fair and honest business, we are looking forward to working with you.

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